Lal Kitab Remedies for Second House (Annual Predictions)

1. Don’t start business of gold & metal jewelry in that year.

2. Donate chana dal(gram Dal) in yellow cloth to a Brahmin.

3. Put saffron tilak on forehead.

4. Offer sweet (White) to newly wedded bride.

5. Fill the pits if they are in front of the house.

6. Worship Lord Ganesha.

7. Put saffron paste as tilak on forehead.

8. Donate Bananas to poor children.

9. Feed the dogs with chapattis.

10. Pet a deer.

11. Keep a red color handkerchief with you.

12. Keep silver ball with you.

13. Clean your teeth with alum.

14. Donate Channa daal in temple.

15. Bury a piece of silver in the foundation of the house.

16. Wear a pearl ring.

17. Collect water from sacred resources and keep it in northern side of the room.

18. Feed small girls with a sweet dish made of milk & rice at least for eleven Mondays.

19. Keep a solid ball of silver with you.

20. Put Kesar/Turmeric Tilak.

21. Help the sweepers/ helpers.

22. Never put oil on your forehead.

23. Put Tilak with milk or curd paste.

24. Feed the snake with milk.

25. Donate sandal wood (Chandan) & Urad daal in temple.

26. Donate coconut oil / almonds to worship house.

27. Immerse a copper coin in water.

28. Touch the feet of mother or mother like figure and take her blessings.

29. Make your character strong.

30. Donate Potato, curd in a temple.

31. Wear a diamond or Zircon in silver ring.

32. Gift your mother a piece of white silk cloth.

33. Start business of animal husbandry in that year.

34. Wear silver.

35. Immerse (Rebri) sweet made of jaggery and sesame seeds in flowing water.

36. Donate jaggery & wheat to a small child.

37. Keep pure silver at home.

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