Lal Kitab Remedies for Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

1. Put religious posters/ pictures on wall.

2. Gold jewelry & ornaments should be kept tied in yellow cloth.

3. Never give your old clothes in donation to anyone.

4. Donate black & white blankets to a religious place.

5. Donate Bananas to poor children.

6. Put saffron tilak for consecutive 43 days on forehead.

7. Wear Ketu gemstone (cats eye).

8. Immerse Masoor Dal in the river or donate in the temple.

9. Keep silver ball in your pocket.

10. Donate coconut, Urad daal and Almonds in a religious place.

11. Keep a water fall/ fountain in North side of house.

12. Wear emerald gemstone in gold ring.

13. Don’t involve in arguments & court related matters.

14. Don’t accept any donated item for Mercury.

15. Keep fast on Wednesday.

16. Chant mantras for goddess Durga.

17. Take whole grain rice from your in- laws at the time of your marriage and keep it at your home. The weight of the rice should be equal to the 10th part of your spouse’s weight.

18. Must take silver from in- laws.

19. If you are in business, make God one of your partner.

20. Keep a small silver box at home. Fill this box with water and put a square piece of silver in it.

21. Keep a silver brick.

22. Immerse seven coconuts in flowing water.

23. Worship Goddess Laxmi everyday.

24. Burry a pot of honey in lonely place.

25. Fill sugar in a flute & burry it in lonely place.

26. Use black color for your inner wears.

27. Put Rose water or Gangajal in the eyes.

28. Consume some sweet first & drink some water before you start any auspicious work.

29. Don’t eat Jaggery throughout the year as it mars the sexual power/ virility.

30. Burry 07 square pieces of copper in the earth.

31. Don’t go for marriage this year even if there are chances. You can postpone it for the next year.

32. Throw blue color flower/fruit in a dirty drain for 43 days.

33. Take a bronze pot from in- laws side as gift.

34. Don’t keep Cat’s placenta at home.

35. Wear diamond ring.

36. Worship lord shiva.

37. Worship lord shiva.

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