Lal Kitab Remedies for Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Feed the cocks.

2. Donate cloths to priest to any religious place.

3. Donate Gram Daal in a religious place.

4. Wear gold.

5. Pet a dog.

6. Wear gold earring.

7. Drink milk mixed with saffron.

8. Wear gold ring in left hand finger.

9. Pet a black dog.

10. Serve small girls.

11. Donate rice & silver in a temple.

12. Worship Lord Ganesha to win over enemies.

13. Distribute salted mixture with sweet in ceremonies that take place at home.

14. Wear a copper ring.

15. Wear Silver ring in left hand.

16. Don’t carry flowers with you while going for work.

17. Fill an earthen pot with milk and bury it at lonely place.

18. Serve your grand daughter.

19. Don’t make arrangement for the free distribution of water.

20. Pet the rabbits.

21. Make water arrangement at the death places like cremation grounds or grave yard etc.

22. Don’t consume milk at night.

23. Donate milk, Sugar, Saffron, honey and black gram dal for twenty three days in a religious place

24. Keep a round shaped black mirror with you.

25. Pet a brown & black color dog.

26. Keep six balls of lead in your pocket.

27. Worship Goddess Sarswati.

28. Don’t buy any leather or iron item in that year.

29. Serve the snake.

30. Give some almonds for eating to goat.

31. Dig earth & burry six square pieces of copper.

32. Take a small box of Silver and full it with water.

33. Present gifts to friends related to polities / government.

34. Offer water to Sun God everyday

35. Ladies should not walk bare foot at home.

36. Keep solid silver with you.

37. Keep & silver ball too.

38. Feed the birds with wheat grains.

39. Plant white color flowers bearing plants.

40. Donate some almonds to small girls.

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