Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun (Annual Predictions)

1. Serve father or father like figure.

2. Establish a place for water.

3. Donate coconut oil / almonds to worship house.

4. Immerse a copper coin in water.

5. Touch the feet of mother or mother like figure and take her blessings.

6. Make your character strong.

7. Donate rice & milk etc.

8. Offer water to rising Sun in which sugar is to be added.

9. Always consume some sweet and drink some water before you leave for an important work.

10. Your picket should have some toffee or sweet.

11. Take blessings from mother/ grand mother.

12. Never keep on unserviceable electric item at house.

13. Serve old/elderly person.

14. Wear a copper coin in the neck.

15. Immerse yellow items of Lord Jupiter like – turmeric, Gram daal, yellow flower and saffron in the flowing water.

16. Keep your promises.

17. Serve red-faced monkeys.

18. Dig earth & burry six square pieces of copper.

19. Take a small box of Silver and full it with water.

20. Present gifts to friends related to polities / government.

21. Offer water to Sun God everyday

22. Consume some sweet first & drink some water before you start any auspicious work.

23. Don’t eat Jaggery throughout the year as it mars the sexual power/ virility.

24. Burry 07 square pieces of copper in the earth.

25. Don’t go for marriage this year even if there are chances. You can postpone it for the next year.

26. One should not live in south facing house.

27. Respect and help the people from in – laws side.

28. One must donate 800 gm wheat and 800 gm Jaggery to a worship place on Sunday.

29. One should not live at in- laws place.

30. Never accept gift/ donation of milk / rice/ silver

31. Put copper nails on the legs of the bed where you sleep.

32. Do not do pilgrims.

33. Always keep some dry fruits in big brass vessels.

34. Buy a goat from a butcher and make her free.

35. Donate copper in that year.

36. Use pillow which is filled with sand for 43 days.

37. Wear Ruby gemstone ring in copper.

38. Never bring any electrical item to home on credit or free.

39. Feed the Red ants with mixture of rice, white sesame seeds & grind sugar.

40. Keep fast on Sunday.

41. Help / Respect / Serve the government officials.

42. Worship lord shiva.

43. Feed at least four blind people.

44. Wear golden chain.

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