Lal Kitab Remedies for Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Pet a dog.

2. Don’t wear gold.

3. Make sure your nose is clean.

4. Always keep your head covered up.

5. Always keep your head covered up.

6. Immerse a whole copper coin in flowing water for consecutive 43 days.

7. Keep honey in silver vessel.

8. Immerse black & white sesame seeds in flowing water.

9. Donate reddish.

10. Visit a zoo and give something to eat to Deers there.

11. Serve, one eyed, dark complexioned & childless person.

12. Consume sweet food.

13. Chant Hanuman chalisa.

14. Feed the fishes.

15. Feed the fishes.

16. Don’t keep green color liquor bottle at home.

17. Feed the Cow with grass.

18. Offer dry coconut in temple.

19. Don’t plant Tulsi & money plants at home.

20. Avoid fishing.

21. Distribute free medicines to the patients.

22. Feed at least 10 blind people once in a year.

23. Put silver nails in the legs of the bed.

24. Don’t wear white cap.

25. Donate 400 gm of sugar to a needy poor person.

26. Help the sweeper occasionally by cash money.

27. Consume the food which has been begged before ten days of your birthday (from outside home)

28. Don’t keep any weapon with you.

29. Feed ten blind persons.

30. Execute your work by sitting at one place.

31. Don’t start iron business in that year.

32. Take bath with curd.

33. Donate cotton in the temple.

34. Keep a pair of Mederian ducks in your bed room.

35. Put a mirror on North side of your living room.

36. Worship lord shiva.

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