Lal Kitab Remedies for Third House (Annual Predictions)

1. Worship Goddess Durga.

2. Offer Besan Ladoos to Lord Vishnu as Prasadam.

3. Keep your intention clean free of malice.

4. Offer sweet Paan to friends/ brothers.

5. Pet a dog.

6. Wear gold earring.

7. Wear gold in others parts of the body too.

8. One should not stay / live in the house facing south.

9. One must visit a religious place or to a pilgrimage.

10. Offer fennel (Saunf) & crystalized sugar (Mishri) to the guests after meal.

11. Wear a silver bracelet which has no joint with an iron nail.

12. Offer Sindoor to lord Hanuman.

13. Wear red coral.

14. Plant a rose tree at home on Tuesday.

15. Soak Moong Dal at night and feed the birds for 43 days.

16. Pierce the nose.

17. Clean your teeth with alum everyday.

18. Read Durga Chalisa & distribute book of it.

19. Wear Ruby gemstone in copper.

20. Gift Silver items on the occasion of your daughter’s birthday.

21. Keep a square piece of Silver with you.

22. Make a small pouch filled with sugar cubes and keep it in the pocket. Consume a cube occasionally.

23. Fill a small silver box with rice grains and keep it at home.

24. Don’t keep any item made of ivory / tusk.

25. Neither start business of elephants or ivory/ tusk during that year.

26. Give medicine free used for eye problems.

27. Don’t stay in the house which has its opening either in East or South.

28. Immerse rice in flowing water.

29. Donate rice & milk etc.

30. Offer water to rising Sun in which sugar is to be added.

31. Always consume some sweet and drink some water before you leave for an important work.

32. Your picket should have some toffee or sweet.

33. Take blessings from mother/ grand mother.

34. Never keep on unserviceable electric item at house.

35. Clear all old electronic gadgets from the house.

36. Massage with curd before bath.

37. Gift a white or pink color dress to your sister.

38. Make your relation cordial with your brother.

39. Worship Maa Durga Goddess/ female entity.

40. Keep silver with you.

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