Lal Kitab Remedies for Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

1. Wear gold chain in neck.

2. Worship Lord Ganesha.

3. Water and nurture a Peepal tree.

4. Don’t give free teachings/education to anyone.

5. Don’t wear garland of beads in the neck on regular basis.

6. Put saffron paste as tilak on forehead.

7. When you consume milk put your thumb in the milk.

8. Put Kesar tilak.

9. Feed the Dogs with sweet chapattis.

10. Serve your Guru or mentor.

11. Keep rice or silver with you.

12. Offer Batashe(sweet candy) in a temple.

13. Don’t keep any weapon at home.

14. Immerse an empty earthen pot in flowing water.

15. Wear a gold ring in index finger.

16. Pierce your nose.

17. Store rain water in crystal pan and keep in the house.

18. If you have to travel, consume some sugar before going.

19. Pet a white bitch.

20. Give some portions from your income to your sister / aunt.

21. Have one meal in the Kitchen.

22. Keep sugar or fennel (saunf) on your bed side.

23. Wear silver in the neck.

24. Tie some almonds in a black piece of cloth and leave it in iron vessel throughout the year.

25. Feed the insects with roasted Atta in which oil & sugar is mixed after sunset.

26. Feed the fishes with almonds for 12 Saturdays.

27. Help the labor class with some cash money occasionally.

28. Never bring any electrical item to home on credit or free.

29. Feed the Red ants with mixture of rice, white sesame seeds & grind sugar.

30. Keep fast on Sunday.

31. Help / Respect / Serve the government officials.

32. Offer a blue color flower to Goddess Sarswati in the evening.

33. Barley, Jaggery and rice should be immersed in water.

34. Light a Desi Ghee lamp.

35. Donation by your wife will bring good results.

36. Worship Lord Ganesha & Lord Shiva.

37. Pet a dog or serve a dog.

38. Don’t wear gold in the ears.

39. Drink/ consume liquides in silver vessels.

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