Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus (Annual Predictions)

1. Put Kesar tilak.

2. Pure silver should be taken as gift from in Law’s side.

3. Take bath with curd.

4. Take bath with curd.

5. Don’t eat jaggery.

6. Sprinkle Cow’s Urine in the house.

7. Donate Potato, curd in a temple.

8. Wear a diamond or Zircon in silver ring.

9. Gift your mother a piece of white silk cloth.

10. Start business of animal husbandry in that year.

11. Clear all old electronic gadgets from the house.

12. Massage with curd before bath.

13. Gift a white or pink color dress to your sister.

14. Make your relation cordial with your brother.

15. Take care of your wife.

16. Donate wheat flour in a religious place.

17. Fill small silver box with honey and keep it at home.

18. Gift a rose flower to your wife.

19. Married couples should wash their internal organs with curd.

20. Always keep a silver piece with you.

21. Donate a pot in a temple.

22. Obey your parents.

23. Ladies should not walk bare foot at home.

24. Keep solid silver with you.

25. Keep & silver ball too.

26. Feed the birds with wheat grains.

27. Plant white color flowers bearing plants.

28. Throw blue color flower/fruit in a dirty drain for 43 days.

29. Take a bronze pot from in- laws side as gift.

30. Don’t keep Cat’s placenta at home.

31. Wear diamond ring.

32. Offer blue colour flower to Goddess Sarswati

33. Gift something to mother-in-law.

34. Throw a copper coin is dirty drain for 43 days.

35. Don’t buy any new electric item in that year.

36. Fill a pot with honey and keep it at home.

37. Gift silver bangles to wife painted with red color on it.

38. Participate in religious functions.

39. Donate cotton in the temple.

40. Keep a pair of Mederian ducks in your bed room.

41. Put a mirror on North side of your living room.

42. Consume milk products.

43. Donate oil.

44. Cottons, curd should be donated in temple.

45. Consume Kesar milk.

46. Offer a blue color flower to Goddess Sarswati in the evening.

47. Barley, Jaggery and rice should be immersed in water.

48. Light a Desi Ghee lamp.

49. Donation by your wife will bring good results.

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