Lal Kitab Remedies

In this lesson, we will discuss the charlatanry and its rules of the red book. We also insist to the readers that there is no scientific base to these charlatanry. Still it is true, proven, effective, and gives quick results. To eradicate inauspiciousness of various planets, readers should practice and benefit out of it.

The following rules must be adhered to, in regards to these charlatanry.

1. Start the charlatanry or the remedy at sunrise and finish it at the mid of sunset. It must be followed for 40-45 days with complete diligence.

2. There should be no hindrance while performing the remedy rather do not make omission on any day. In case you lose a day then whole process has to be restarted. You can keep along a glass of milk with sugar mixed in it, by doing this your previous efforts will not go waste.

3. The charlatanry or the remedy given in the book should be done for minimum 43 days or maximum for 46 days. It is important to be alert while performing the remedy, no day should be missed out.

4. People only in blood relations can do these remedies for the other person.

5. Charlatanry or remedy can be performed till the last day of the week or till 40 weeks.

6. Choose the remedy carefully after understanding your nativity (Janampatri). If the remedy gets wrong then it can have adverse effects. So, complete knowledge is required.

7. You can benefit from a planet even after death. If one gets blessings before the death then also the person would get benefit positively.

8. One should carefully study their nativity (Janampatri) before getting married because inauspicious planets harm the female after her marriage. Hence, the remedy should be done before marriage.

Following are Lal Kitab Remedies. Please select the which type pr remedies you want to check.

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