Lal Kitab Ruthless Debt

Reason :-

Slaying of creatures or grabbing of anybody’s house by cheating and do not pay the price.


Main door of the house is in the south direction. If construct a house by taking land from orphans or construct building in transit or on the roof of the well.

Forbidding result :-

Evil Saturn is responsible for demolition. Due to this, family face plagues. Fire tragedies occur. Suddenly, house collapses. Family members become the victim of troubles. They become disabled. Body hair starts falling. When Saturn suffers then hair fall specially occurs in eyelids and eye lines. Despite repeated efforts, business does not run.

Measures (Ruthless Debt) :-

. Offer food to 100 workers together in a day after collecting money from all the family members.
. Feed 100 fishes.
. Give bread to crows continuously for 43 days.

Make a solution as per the convenience.

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