Lal Kitab Self Debt

Symptoms : -

The person discards his/her customs. He/she changes his/her religion and suffers from heart diseases, body weakness, problem in eyes and liver diseases. He/she always fears from Government system.

Disastrous consequences (symptoms) :-

Initially, the person reaches on the peak of glory, earns and reserves wealth, achieves acclaim and reputation. Suddenly, a plenty of problems come in his/her way. He/she spends or loses the entire wealth or it is stolen. Acclaim and reputation decay in the clay.

Child gets aborted. Even after so many prayers, the individual does not get any child. If he/she gets a child, then the child suffers from diseases on regular basis or die. The body remains affected completely and body parts get iced. The person finds problem in moving his/her body and gets regular spits in his/her mouth.

Remedies (Self Debt) :-

• Perform Yoga after accumulating wealth from each member of the family.
• Worship at temple (Church, Mandir, Gurudwara, Dargah) on every Sunday.
• Give donation at religious places in the name of ancestors on every Amavasya.

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