Lal Kitab Unborn Debt

Reason :–

Cheat and harm people, who are in contacts, existence of a deserted graveyard along with the south wall of home. Below the threshold of the main door of the house, messy sewer flow.

Forbidding result :-

Rahu gives forbidding results suddenly. Within a very short span of time, misfortune knocks your door. Where justice is expected, one gets injustice. Criminal allegations like theft, fire, rape etc are imposed. Trials run in courts. Instead of being blameless, individual suffers a lot behind the bars or imprisonment. Black dog dies or misses. Nail of hands falls down. Ability to think reduces and enemy increases.

Remedies (Unborn Debt) :-

. Take one coconut from each of the family member and drop these altogether in a river.
. Keep a ponytail on head and live in combined family.
. Offer a coconut in Shivalaya on every Monday.

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