Mars In Eighth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Mars in eighth house in the annual chart makes the native full of life, enthusiastic & enterprising person. He will not feel lack of initiative & courage throughout the year. Injustice & wrong things will not be tolerated by the native. One has to put lot of efforts to accomplish the works. Intelligence and sweet tongue only help the native in his/ her endeavors. The curiosity to know the deep knowledge and mysteries of life will be ignited. The native will enjoy the status of being head of the family. He will earn from landed property. Pending disputes of property will get settled in favor of native.

If Mars to either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets in eighth house it casts inauspiciousness. The native may suffer from the blood diseases, diabetes and piles etc problems. Arthritis and bones diseases will also trouble the native. Tandoor(oven) at home brings negativity, so one should not keep it at home. Celebrations at home will make Mars inauspicious so that should also be avoided. There will be hurdles and difficult sailings in business.
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