Mars In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: Mostly Mars in eleventh house makes a person scientist and historical. Because it is your inborn quality to keep anything secret. And due to this you are completely eligible for personal secretary in secret department.

In whatever field you get education, your wisdom is out of doubt. Being perfect in debate you are perfect for the profession advocate.

You can also enter in Defense department, Military department, Ayush Department etc.

If you do your own business then it will be harmful to trust blindly on any person.

Family Life : In your family you will play a role of administrator. Your relatives will create a lot of problems and obstacles. But you will be dedicated completely for your siblings. Due to good position of planets you will get good property as succession.

You will not gain any good benefit from the side of your sasural. But due to good qualities of your wife you will ignore this thing. Your wife will be as of Luxmi.

Your child department will be weak and with the help of medicated treatment you will get child.

Your luck will be with you after marriage only.

Health Being Mars in eleventh your health will not be very good. But you would not take care of your health. When your illness reaches at the highest point only then you try to take treatment for that. You may have to face dry cough like disease. But yet you will not be ill for long.


Bad effects of Mars impacts directly on your peace of mind. Your behavior will be like mean or greedy type. Your family members will be upset from you and execrate you in their heart.

Due to bad Mars your income will also not be good. And you have to live your life in poverty. If you are in government sector and do any work under table (illegal work), then you will be caught which gives you dishonor and nothing else. You will be in debts even after well income. Except this the bad effect of Mars will also show it’s bad impact on your house and your father.
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