Mars In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Mars in fifth house of annual chart gives enormous strength to the native which can be used both ways positive & negative, depending on the benefic & malefic influence cast by other planets. If Mars. positioned in fifth house is auspicious it will give success in studies, competitions, examinations and educational goals to the native. Guests will keep on dropping throughout the year. There will be chance of conception of child. Financial condition will be stronger day by day, the positive area will surround in the family which will enhance the status. One’s family will shine like Sun.

If Mars in either conjuncted or aspected by malefic planets there may be chances that the native will suffer diseases related to foot, knees and ears etc. There will be lack of sleep or insomnia like situation. Fruitless travels will take place. The native will have fear from fire, theft & loss of wealth. Government work will also get affected and give harm to the native.

To ward off the negative influence of malefic Mars one must do some remedies and take some precautions.
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