Mars In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: If Mars is at right position, your mind gets powered and makes you successful businessman. You may get job in government sector or in army and you will be very enthusiastic. You may become a good wrestler, football player or weight lifter but you will not like to play chess and cricket. As you have been ruled by the planet Mars in the first house, you will get fruitful results in the fields like chemist, surgeons, dentists, mechanical engineering and you should work related to iron, wood as furniture making and construction as you will get success in this as well.

If you start some work with the support of others then definitely after some hurdles, you will be able to get success as your Mars is very strong and your mates would not cheat you. Due the presence of Mars in the first house, you will be physically strong and will do your work according to a plan. As a result of this, you will achieve heights in your life.

Family and Social Life: The presence of Mars shows good relationship among brothers, but it may affect your relation with your father. You may have some disputes with your father, due to which, your mother will not support you and you may get far apart from your parents and sisters.

Because of the wrong position of Mars planet in the seventh house, your wife may get affected to some extent and there will be hindrances in making a satisfied married life but it’s not very much essential that she would die or get harmed. But, you would not be able to make nice relationships with your other relatives due to the existence of Mars in the first house.

Health: As the planet Mars in the first house, whatever you eat, your digestion will be good and you will digest easily. You will enjoy having food and eating properly. You may suffer from high blood pressure problem and your teeth may get defected soon. You remain mentally disturbed and you will not be able to find the reason behind that disturbance and grief. Be cautious while travelling or driving as you may get injured regularly and this may harm your face.

Sinister: If your planet Mars is weak then you will have a habit of speaking lies and also will do some robbing. Your concern will be towards bad things like black magic and you would like to earn money by doing bad deeds. Along with this, you will not remain on your words.

You will not get the joy of having brother, either you don’t have a brother or if have then he might be suffering from mental illness or would be physically challenged.

Your wife would have fear from fire or you yourself will bring her in fire due to dowry and your narrow minded nature. The wrong position of planet may also make you suspicious.
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