Mars In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in fourth house: As your Mars is in the fourth house, you will be thin, dwarf and possess bad behavior. Your physique would be strange even then you will have attraction powers.

Nature: Because of your Mars in the fourth house, you will remain in some strange fear and you will be unable to explain your fear to others. It may happen several times that you may express your anger or love towards others but the people may get misunderstood by your nature. This happens because you may not express your emotions in the proper way and as a result of this, you will become mentally disturbed. Due to the placement of Mars in the fourth house, you may always have some kind of trouble that may spoil your life. The astrologers speak about the people having fourth house that they do lots of mistakes in life as well as they misuse of their intelligence.

Family Life: As per your Mars in fourth house, you may not get the cheer of having mother or she may die in your young age. Because of Mars, your grandmother’s house will also get affected. You may not get parental property due to the bad effects of Mars, either if you have but you will not be able to use it properly. It may affect your married life and you may get disputes with your partner.

Education and employment: Due to the good position of Mars in the fourth house, you will get quality education and you will be in the circle of good people.

You may do engineering, farming, and geographical study. You may do job or business related to vehicles. In your fourth house, you may get disturb in your budget and may harm by your friends.

You may find hindrances in getting your share in your parental property. So you should stay somewhere else rather than your own home to make your future bright.

Health: Due to the existence of Mars in the fourth house, you may remain ill during your childhood and may get infection in stomach. If your Mars is in the right place then besides you, your mother will get physical problems.

Sinister: If your Mars is in wrong position in the fourth house, then it will be sinister for mother but fortunate for father. You may suffer financial instability, and may not get joy in your relationship. You may have fear of getting injured by the vehicle. Because of your Mars is in the fourth house, you will be Manglik and you will not be able to stay happiest married life. If you will do business in partnership then you will get cheated by your partner and your expenses would be high.

Because of the bad impact of Mars, you may have fear that your house may get burn or because of fire your home, factory or office may get burnt. You may face many accidents in your life and as a result, you may get engaged in difficulties.
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