Mars In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: Mars is a planet to respect justice. And mars in ninth house gives special intelligence to a person. You can be a good politician. You will get benefits from your power. You will be interested in meditation, horse riding, fields sports, yoga etc.

Your money will be more spend on luxurious items. Your time will be good between 28 to 33 years of age. You will get fame and with your hard work you will gain money and reputation.

Family Life : Being mars in ninth house you will obey your brother and father. You will always b e blessed by them. You will get love from your family completely.

Mars in ninth house gives family happiness and peace. There would not be sudden trouble. It is also good in respect of financial condition. You will always be with your brother and sister and serve your parents and your destiny will always be with you. Health You may have to face memory loss problems. You may face stomach problems, blood disorders. Otherwise you will be physically fit.

Sinister Due to weakness of the Mars firstly you will disobey your parents. You will now obey your elders. And to lie will be our habit. To leave your house or village you will roam arroud. To leave your religion you will become atheist.

Due to unlucky mars there will be relation with some other woman and you may be victim of many secret diseases.

Many times due to weak mars your wife will also affected by this and her health will be affected.
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