Mars In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Mars in ninth house of annual chart of the native casts auspiciousness and gives good results. Native’s father gets profits in business. Land & property will be bought in that year. High post will be offered in religious institutions. There will be religious travels/ pilgrimages. If the native is in business of property, it will be fruitful. Business of food items, hotel etc. job will also give excellent results. One need not to beg money or take debts as the income will be satisfactory. From Health point of view too, the year will be very favourable.

If, Mars is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets one will have to face false allegation and disputes. Difference of opinion with father will take place. Interest in religious will be reduced. Native may be an atheist and will be worried on account of parent’s health. There may be separation from the son or unpleasant news from his side. Unexpected arrival of guests will cause added expenses.

To ward off the negative influence of malefic Mars one must do some remedies and take some precautions.
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