Mars In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in second house:As your Mars is in the second house, you will be beautiful and will have good height. You will have medium fair color, thin legs and long arms.

Nature: Your nature will like a narrow minded person and you will find doubt in everything. You will behave others with calmly and will expect the same from them but, usually it does not happen. Due to your impartial nature, the people surrounding you will feel happy in your company. But you should be alert while meeting your friends and companions; otherwise you may get cheated through them.

You will not get mental satisfaction and will get excited by small things. Up to the age of 32, your life would be full of mistakes and challenges. Your situation will like a boat which is stuck into storm and your mind will vibrate in the absence of a good decision.

Assets for Education and Employment: You will get quality education. You may become a good financial advisor. You will give advice to others for control of their expenses but you will not be able to control over your budget. You may become mechanical Engineer or may get qualified in the field of textile, chemical, sound, electrical, law, eye specialist and cinema. If you are from the second house of mars, possibility may arise that you may not satisfied through money even when you earn lots of money as you do not come in the category of miser and enjoy the life. You may become a good lawyer as you are good at debates. If you will work in areas like electricity and water then you will be able to get great success.

Family Life: Though there are some difficulties but you will get satisfaction in your marriage life as well as you will be able to maintain good relations with the family members. You may become financially stable after your marriage from your wife’s side. You will get benefits of money or land from your law’s side. Because of the presence of Mars in the second house, it may happen that couple will get separated. It may happen because of any reason like you may go to different city due to the transfer in job and you may not be able to bring your wife with you.

Health: If your Mars is weak then you may get hurted several times. You may feel ill and may get piles and other diseases as well. You may get infection in your throat and suffer from tonsils.

Sinister: If your Mars is unfavorable, you will always involve with females and will get attracted towards them. Also, you will spend much money on other women. Due to the evil Mars, you will spend too much money in food stuffs and clothing and as soon as you get money, you will be ignited to spend it.

The second house is the factor of voice and presence of Mars in the second house has big impact on voice. If Mercury is sitting with Mars, you may become habitual of speaking lies and such type of people always praise themselves. If this behavior does not exist, then you may use abusive language while talking to others. Due to the aggressive nature of Mars, you may not keep free yourself from the habit of playing gamble. As a result of this, you will have to go through financial crisis.
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