Mars In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in seventh house: Due to the presence of Mars in the seventh house, you would be beautiful, tall, attractive, money spender, cloth jewelry and perfume lover.

Behavior: you would be a hot tempered person. You will not be able to tolerate your evil. You will always be in false pride, due to which you will not be able to get great success in your life. Your smile would easily be able to steal people’s heart. You will get respect from others. You will not believe in bluffing people. You will love artificial life. You will face ups and downs many times in your life. Sometime, you will be at peak and sometimes, you will be on floor. You will accept all this as your destiny. You would believe in work only.

You will help others without any selfishness. You will be open in front of others as you will represent your thoughts in front of them. But you will not get support from others.

Education and Employment: As your Mars is in the seventh house, you will not get lack of education and you will be a brilliant student. You can study commerce or science. You can do responsible job work like banking or education sector.
You may work in engineering department too. If you will do building construction related work then you can be more successful. You can do work related to home decoration or other interior work. You will not have to face financial problems.
If you want to work in partnership then it would also get success but the partner shouldn’t be a female. Also, you will get positive results in religious work.

Family life: Your mars is present in 7th house, due to which you may be an elder child of your family. Your parents will love you a lot. You would have younger siblings. Perhaps, you would not share good relation with your sister but you would maintain it. You would have lots of friends but close friend would be 1 or 2. The placement of Mars in the seventh house makes you Manglik, due to which, you would be furious with your wife and would not listen to her. You both will fight, which would lead you to worst situation. You would have to marry with Manglik girl. Your wife and mother will not share good relation. You will be in tension due to their conflicts and at last, you would have to choose one of them. If sensibly you will save your married life then you would be able to live happy married life. You will give birth to a child on time. Your child would be intelligent. You would share happiness in terms of vehicle and home.

Health: You may suffer from bladder- related illness, sperm defects, hernia and other infectious diseases. Your wife would remain sick and because of this, you would have to visit hospital often. Also, you might have to face serious accident and you may get injury in lack. There is a possibility that you will die due to some sort of incident or shock.

Sinister Because of evil Mars, you would have physical relations with wretched ladies and they would lead you to loss. And because of such ladies, you would not respect your wife and there would be controversies between you and your wife. You would face many worst incidents but you would not learn anything from those situations. Your partner will ditch you. Your ongoing work will stop. You will drown in debt. In this type of situation, you would flutter for money to a great extent.
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