Mars In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in sixth house: As your Mars is in sixth house, you would be lean in childhood and in the middle age you would become obese. You will be recognized separately in the crowd. You might have a mole or wart on your face.

Behavior: You will be intelligent and peaceful. You will be pure from heart and because of this; you will be able to operate religious institutions or you may ensure your participation in this field. You will be honest in nature. You will never misuse the money of religious institutions. As your Mars is in the sixth house, your enemies are numerous and powerful. They will try to create difficulties for you but they will not be able to do anything against you. You will have some inborn power, due to which, whatever you will see in dream or whatever you will think that will fulfill.

You will not care about other’s feelings. Despite such kind of harsh schedule, you will be sociable and generous towards poor persons. Usually, people will think that you are arrogant person. You will speak in any aspect without thinking and will realize your mistake at the last moment, but at that time you will not be able to correct your mistake.

Medium of education and employment: You do not have much interruptions or conflicts in life. As you will be a hard worker, you will be able to sort out the problems or conflicts. Sixth house is somewhere related to our job as well. Due to the presence of Mars in this house, you might get great success in the military or police field. If you would go for medicines related business, then you might get success in this field too.

Because of your deep knowledge, you may become a good astrologer. You would have excellent writing skills and because of this capability, you can do work related to reporter, writer etc. Sixth Mars looks at twelfth house through its seventh eye. As a result of this, you would have much expense but you will be benefited from foreign trade.

Family life: Though on one side, you will love your parents and siblings but on the other side, you will doubt on their behavior. You will get less love and benefits from your father. One thing also been noticed that your father would be isolated from you but he would be famous in his area. You would get benefits from your mother as well as maternal’s side. Mars in 6th house indicates happiness coming from brother’s side. Usually, you will not be able to live happy married life. It means your marriage will be lasting but will always have some disputes. You would be happy with your children but you will be worried for your children’s health.

Health: You might have to face headache. There are the possibilities of meningitis and inflammation of the kidneys. In addition to this, you may suffer from stomach related disease.

Sinister: If Mars would be weak then you will become lazy but you will be able to play conspiracy. You will face problems due to some family conflicts. You would get loss in business and you would be instant anger. Marriage life indicates lack of happiness.
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