Mars In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be a hard working student and you education can be completed away from your home in a hostel. You will get engineering education but select the other mode for you business or livelihood.

Being Mars in tenth house there is great chance to get great success in your business. And also this is good indication to get government job and apply in politics’ career. Being in tenth house this Mars makes you performing and mighty also.

Mars make you wealthy and property owner.

Mars in tenth house is very lucky for advocates. And generally these advocates get success in their cases. In the same way if you become surgeon in medical then also this Mars helps you a more. And if you work in other organization then also many people work under you. In all Mars in tenth house never takes you a money lack situation.

Family Life : Mars of tenth house from its seventh eye looks at the fourth house. Due to that you will get happiness of mother, land and vehicle. But there will be some shortage and that’s why you will be unsatisfied.

Mars here from its eight eye looks at the fifth house which gives you happiness from your son definitely and also you son will be royal.

You will get good success in your life and your relations will be good with your father.

In all Mars in tenth house give you fame and respect in society.

Health You will be an active person and till 25th years of age there will not be any serious disease to you but after that you may face cervical, pain in knees, urine related disease.

Sinister If Mars’ result is bad then your wife would be arrogant and try to keep you in her control which creates ideological difference between you. You wife would not be able to adjust with your family and this makes a bad effect on your children also. And some time with the bad effects of Mars your son born late. You always be in a tension related to your son.

Many times with the bad effects of Mars you may have to face unnecessary dishonor. There may be a chance to go to prison due to theft etc.

Due to bad Mars a person sells home’s gold for any reason.
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