Mars In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Mars in the tenth house of annual chart enhances one’s career. There will be professional growth. Government job or entry into the politics in that year is likely. Intelligence, wisdom, educations & children in all areas of life one gets success & accomplishments. The native has sufficient courage to raise voice for justice. New business/ ventures may be started in that year. The native may join defense services, government jobs or new business too. Ones popularity will increase & the family will flourish. Finically the year will prove fruitful for you.

If Mars is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, its inauspiciousness will increase. In that case, flourishing business will slow down. There will be lack of wealth, and hurdles in government related work. The native may have to face defame, due to the false allegation of theft or corruption in that year.

To ward off the negative influence of malefic Mars one must do some remedies and take some precautions.
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