Mars In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Mars in third house: In the third house, Mars is the friend of Sun, when it is accompanied by sun, Mars become good. If a person is having Mars is his ruling planet then power, energy, courage, anger etc features are some of his quality traits.

Physical Characteristics:If Mars is in the third house, you will have the quality of both Mars and Mercury. The Mars affected people are of medium sized, their bones are strong, colour is fair, and hair is having curls and red colour. Vision is quite strong and confident. Their personality is having patience and most of them have hair on their body.

Nature: They are enthusiastic and courageous. They do not think for others. They are self confident and do not compromise with others. They do not rely on facts and do not value others. If their Mars is weak then they themselves destroy their money and happiness. They can go to any extent in order to get appreciated.

Medium for study and employment: If in the third house, Mars is near to propitious planets, the individual gets good education, good at sports, and have knowledge of many languages as well as have hold on Mathematics. The individual would get benefit from government. People having good Mars are mostly work in government sector, or they work as police, surgeon, and mechanical engineer. They may be leaders or drivers as well. If the persons have interest in business, then they may do the business of property dealing. They may deal in tourism or may become poet.

Social Life: In the third house of Mars, the individuals have peaceful relation with their siblings. They will support their younger brothers and sister and will also get supported through them. If their Mars is week then they may not get the support from their mother. The individual would spend happily and cheerfully their family and social life.

Health: The individual have nature of eating different varieties of food. The individual have a flair for food, they must be cautious for this, as there should be limits for everything. The individuals may suffer from blood related disease, bone illness, high or low blood pressure, high fever, and may get teeth troubles. If their mars is week then those individual may be cruel by nature. The habits of theft, robbing is in the people of third house. Because of these habits, everyone hates them. They used to disturb their siblings and have a curse to destroy them. Their family gets spoiled and education remains incomplete. In business, these people used to take money from others and never repay them. They are habitual of drinking, and also they attempt rapes. The women may get abortion if their Mars is in the wrong position.
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