Mars In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Medium of Education and Employment: You will be brilliant and will also be interested in sports and will get fame in sports also. If you make your career related field with sports then you will be more successful than others.

You will also be interested in writing, astrology, poetry, social science and technology.

You may be involve in business in import – export like international organizations, prison – prison guard organization, old people hermitage.

You will also be benefited from iceman yoga.

Family Life : Being mars in twelfth house your family life will be ok. Mars is looking at your seventh house from its eight eye which indicates that there will be delay in your marriage. You are a manglik so you should marry to a manglik girl.

Your wife will be dwarf and fatty and also a wrangler otherwise she will be ill. Mars looks at the third house from its fourth eye which indicates that you will get complete support from your siblings.

You will also get respect from your brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There will also be good relationship with your neighbors and they will help you in your needs.

You will get great benefit from your sasural’s side and get property also from there.

Health You may have disease like mental problem, pain in half head, accidental disorders etc.


Due to bad Mars you may be proved blemish by other’s lying. Due to bad company you may go to prison or may involve in a big problem. There may be a chance of relationship with other woman because being mars in twelfth house there may a lack in your character.

You can also be get arrested by your wife because of teasing her for dowry. Due to bad mars you yourself destroy you by doing non-sense thing which also destroys woman’s happiness.

Mostly these people don’t have elder brother. If so then he lives in bad condition. Or there is minimum chances to get son child.
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