Mercury In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in eight house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that one is blessed with attractive face & excellent physical energy. It is generally seen, that such natives have defected teeth. Scattered, erosive-abrasive or portend teeth would be the possibility. Besides these two defects, discoloring in the teeth is also seen.

Nature: The native has pure & disciplined mind. But due to the lack of expression, the native finds it difficult to express his views or influence other. In the process no body comes to know his inherent qualities. Even the small issue of life will bother you. You can not keep safe any one’s secret, as you become restless till you disclose them to others.

Anger, aggression and prejudice will be your other weaknesses, which may cause problems for you occasionally. There will be hurdles in all your works. You won’t listen to others neither follow other’s advice and work as per your own desires or what your mind says.

You tend to take quick decisions without considering the situation or environment and due to this very habit you may be trapped in dangerous or dubious situation, which is difficult to solve.

Education & Profession/ Career: Mercury in eight house creates such circumstances when you have to leave home at the very early age in life and make your abode at some distant place. You will be self made person and earn for your basic needs by hard efforts. But with your prudent & honesty you will establish yourself in no time there will be frequent changes in your jobs & career. Professions that suit you well are astro advisor &consultant, education in foreign languages, technical field/ education, sale/ purchase of building material, coal, carpenter etc works. You may earn name at foreign land better than your native place.

Interest in spiritualism will also help you to earn or make it your profession. Tantra, Mantra, religious functions and knowledge of para sciences will also be your source of income.

Family Life: You should not expect any kind of help or support either from your mother or friends. Rather your near & dear ones will behave hostile for you. They won’t like you much.

You will have your own identity.

Your wife dominates you and your marital life may ruin as Mercury in eighth house gives extra marital relations or health problems to your wife, which may cause separation from the wife.

Health: Fever, diarrhea, cough, cold, skin diseases, and asthma attack etc problems will remain all through life. You will be in the grip of one or other disease. Pain in shoulders & arms will also be experienced by native.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted and casts its inauspiciousness. It will affect your business. There will be never ending troubles in your business and that will affect badly on your finances. You won’t able to make good bank balance. Mercury placed in this house instigates the person to use unfair means to earn money. You will earn money by fraud and secret deals. In spite of that you won’t flourish much financially.

You will take interest in intoxication too due to afflicted Mercury in eight house in the chart. Extra marital relations will bring bad name for you. This placement of Mercury may cause problem for you in nerves system at the very young age which would deprive one to enjoy good health. If Mercury is aspected by a malefic planet, it may cause imprisonment for the native.

Mercury in eighth house will give harm in the business if you are doing business of which Mercury is the signification.
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