Mercury In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in eleventh house in D/1 natal chart is an indication that the native has average height, round face and short chin. He/she has cheerful appearance which has the capacity to attract others. The size of the hands is small & fingers are generally thick.

Nature: Such natives are person of few words; they speak very less and that time only when they find that there is profit. They are generally smart person in making their conversation either sweet or harsh as per person, place and situation. They have a kind of attraction and remain cheerful, they have few friends. They are short of words in terms of matters of heart. Some are stupid too but they are helpful when good deeds are performed. Some are quarrelsome and of hot temperament but knowledgeable. They are arrogant and have no consideration of other’s emotions and identity. They generally have strong sexual desires. They eat less but eat quality food. They lose their accumulated wealth by their sheer stupidity. They change many professions that is the reason they face instability in life. Astrologers and doctors are in their friends list.

Profession/ Career: Those who have Mercury in eleventh house are generally not able to complete their education. In spite of having talents & intelligence they are not able to focus in studies. They tend to change subject of their education/ fields/ career frequently, even change in schools happens many times in their life.

Such native’s don’t opt for business; rather you can say they are not proficient in business. That is why they change many professions but success eludes them every time. They generally do business related to clothes, printing press, mobile, computer, electronic items, Property dealing, furniture, sculpting, typist or compounder etc. They are also involved into lottery, gambling, race course, share market and smuggling etc works.

It would be better to opt for service / job instead of business by these natives. As job is more suitable for them and they attain success in job related to writing, teaching, life insurance agent, advisor and journalist.

Family Life: If Mercury is in eleventh house one gets special support from the females relatives. One is close to elder sister and gets warmth & affection by her. One lacks support of elder brother in life. The native attains full happiness from the parents, though friends are not so co-operative towards him/her. One’s spouse is also fully dedicated; children of such natives are educated and become scholar.

Health: Mercury in eleventh house is good as it makes the native ambitious and aspiring person. One gets stubborn and struggles to achieve his set targets. The native would like to sit at one place and do their work which may cause pain in legs and swelling in the calves regions. If Mercury is afflicted the native may face frequent fever, digestion problems, dental problems and ulcer in intestine etc diseases. Asthma, thyroid and stomach related diseases may also occur.

In case, Mercury gets afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, the native will be physically weak, diseased and ugly looking. One will not get the support of brothers & sister neither any help from father’s side. One may has to face the opposition from his own mother. One’s progeny will not be worthy or female blood relatives will be troublesome. Happiness of sister, aunt or daughter will also get affected. Such natives will indulge in theft, smuggling, gambling and speculative deals. They may go to any extent in order to make quick money which may prove harmful for them. Excessive drinking, intoxication will ruin their life. Disrespect for mother, elder sister and insult for aunt etc all are indications of afflicted Mercury in eleventh house in the chart. One’s own mother may have skin and throat related diseases.
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