Mercury In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in fifth house of D/1 natal chart is in indication that you will be tall, thin, but strong person with gold hair. Health remains good. You will have abundance of self confidence.

Nature: You would like to be lost in your own world, and love loneliness. There will be seriousness in your nature without the touch of agility. You have the enormous capacity to work hard in any field. Mercury is a social planet, who feels happy in the company of others. But Mercury in fifth house gives the person aloofness and introvert mind set.

There will be lack of patience & compassion. Once you get angry you take long time to be quiet & calm down. You won’t accept your mistakes easily, neither it would be in your nature to feel low in front of anyone. You will have tremendous investigation powers & know what’s what.

You will try to understand the mysteries of life. You will be more knowledgeable than other people. Self introspection and discovery could make you a mental philosopher.

You are religious by nature; you may attain name and fame through social work if you make yourself a social person, and have an honest approach to life.

Education & Career: Fifth house in a chart signifies education, progeny and One’s intelligence. Mercury in this house gives good results in all these three areas of life. You will have good intelligence and attain high position in the society. One is benefited from the government or high officials.

Knowledge in Mantra, tantra will increase or you will have interest to know mantra shastra. To purify yourself you will chant mantras and is capable to use successfully ‘Jaran-Maran’ and Uchhatan’ etc. mantras in your worship.

You will have interest in share market, gambling and speculation etc. activities and would like to earn through them. You will gain knowledge in Mathematics, and mind busters’ games. Chess, carom etc. will also interest you.

Professions which suit you well are religious work, law, education and writing fields etc.

Family Life: Your marital life will remain good and you lead a comfortable married life. If Mercury is associated with Jupiter in your chart you may have love marriage. Your wife will be chaste and a good home maker.

There will be more daughters than sons, and you will not face any tension in respect of the happiness through son or children.

You will lead a comfortable life in old age if Mercury is posited in fifth house means you will enjoy all comforts and support from parents side.

Health: Physically you will remain healthy, Dental problems may trouble you, gastric problem, frequent fever and headache etc. disease may also trouble you off and on.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted & casts inauspiciousness. In this case, your fifth house which signifies children & higher education will become weak. It may cause delay in child birth especially birth of son in the family. If at all birth of son takes place he may suffer or die at the time of his marriage.

You may not be able to concentrate in your studies due to the afflicted Mercury in fifth house. You will avoid studies and may fail once or twice in one class only. You will be highly imaginative and will spend your life in psychological fear.

You will remain restless and try to find out the peace of mind in spiritualism or renunciation.

Instability and in consistency in mind, incomplete education, lack of resources of money, instable financial condition, lack of children, lack in marital happiness, loss of wealth etc will be experienced by the native. He will misuse the power of mantras in this case.
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