Mercury In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in first house of D/1 natal chart indicates average height of the native; with oval shaped face, thin lips, reddish golden hair, and positive thought are other physical traits of the native.

Nature: Mercury in first house enhances ones physical attraction and agility. You will utilize your intelligence and reasoning powers. Your approach to work will be systematic and mind will be logical.

You will be an expert in getting the work done from others. You are the master in diplomacy in shrewdness and could impress anyone by your influence. You have inquisitive mind & go deep to know the minute details of any subject.

You will be a docile person and will never get aggressive even in difficult situations & generally there will be serenity on your face when you are talking.

You will pamper yourself by various methods in order to look good. You take special care of your grooming and apply make up to enhance your personality. You will also be fully aware in regards to the cleanliness of your clothes.

There will be a kind of restlessness in your mind which will instigate you not to sit at one place. Such native is fond of travelling. Career & Profession: First house Ketu blesses one with higher studies & education. The native attains wealth and behaves as per the law of religion. One is well versed with Shastras.

Mercury in ascendant makes a person scholar, lustrous, and an expert in mathematics. The native has interests in poetry, sculpting, oratory, writing and knowledge in medicine. Your memory power will be very strong.

Sales of miscellaneous items business will be beneficial for you. You will also make your profession in computer, Radio & television advertisement etc fields or will have deep interest in these fields.

Music will be in your blood and you will have knowledge in various fields of music like dance, instruments and fine arts etc. You will have the caliber to become a prominent artist in sculpting, music, singing, dancing and as a musical instrument player.

You may also make your profession in writing and oratory fields.

Family Life. First house Ketu aspects seventh house which is your spouse house. You will remain dissatisfied from your spouse side on one or other reasons. In most of the cases, such native tends to criticize even the small points of life partner. This way happiness in marital life and some where a complete peaceful life will be legging in the family.

You may achieve remarkable success in life. Honor and awards will also be achieved. Your success depends on the facts that you should accept the others with their faults without trying to bring changes or make them ideal person.

You will have happiness through female progeny your daughter/ daughters will achieve outstanding success in their life.

Health: If Mercury positioned in first house is without affliction of malefic planets either by aspect or conjunction, you will remain healthy in life. You will be very calculative & systematic in your diet. You will not overeat, but whenever you are mentally tensed up, your health will get affected. You may face stomach related problem or diseases in nerves.

Inauspicious Mercury may cause suffering towards the end of life. It will give interest in Tantra and Mantra, and you would like to know about the ghosts, souls and superficial powers. If a malefic planet aspects Mercury in first house one faces false allegation. You will be mischievous by nature which may also cause bad name in the society.

Your father or father in law may suffer due to breathing problems. You will have to wander a lot in life. Even your professional life won’t be stabilized due to the frequent changes in job / business.
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