Mercury In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in fourth house your height and physique is not very strong. You will have beautiful sharp nose, sharp eyes but you will be lazy person with dry nature.

Nature: You won’t be a simple person. Outwardly you seem to be a selfless and concerning person who share others misfortunes, but internally it is not so. You will not show your gratitude even for your parents. You will be very talkative and capable to influence and control others by your hypocrisy and magical words. It is this very quality which will enable you to lead various organizations. You will have inborn qualities of leadership also. Though will be very intelligent person who could be efficient enough to lead a country too. You will not rely on others easily.

You won’t make any difference between rich & poor. Destiny will favor you and earn popularity for you. You will be of hot temperament, but you show your anger on those moments when it is not required and keep your cool when actually the things are going hey wire.

People may misunderstand you in spite of that you are not a deceiver not a usurper who takes other’s property by force.

Education & Career: Mercury in fourth house gives interest in arts and finance fields and the native takes education in these fields. If Mercury in fourth house is aspected by Saturn you may get job in police department or Defense services. If you want to go in business, in that case oil and other liquid commodities etc business suit you. You will progress well in the business.

You will be scholar and Pandit, Mercury in fourth house gives interest in the field of astrology. Writing, literature etc. subjects will also make you busy. You will either have interest or make your profession in these fields.

Family Life: You will be the eldest in the family or have to be very responsible like senior person in the family. You will have to perform many responsibilities in the family. life may not be very smooth as your spouse won’t have right understanding with you. There may be difficulty in having child especially the birth of son will take place after long medication.

Property matters will also not be in your favour. Fourth house Mercury is not good for ancestral property you will not get your due share in the ancestral property rather your share will be very less than your expectations.

Health: Jaundice, Stomach diseases, pain in Knees & legs etc diseases may trouble you.

If Mercury is afflicted either by the aspect or conjunction of malefic planets it will make you coward. You will not have courage to face the challenges, and speak less.

You will support criminals and smugglers. You will not provide helping hand to the needy rather help them who are not in need. Friends and relatives will be deceitful towards you and behave hostile in the hour of need.

Lungs related diseases like hole in the lungs or water retention in the lungs etc. problem may affect your health. Gastric problems, asthma, bronchitis and piles etc diseases may also occur occasionally & trouble you.
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