Mercury In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in ninth house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native is tall, with strong built up, reliable and would love natural beauty.

Nature: You tend to think a lot and always remain in deep thoughts. You would like changes in life. Travel will give enjoyment to you. You could be a trusted person.

Mercury in this house gives happiness to the native and bestows one with popularity, name & fame in life. Mercury in this house makes you a religious person. You will take interest in religious activities. You will have abundance of logical powers; you will remain always cheerful and influence others very easily. There may be stubbornness in your nature.

Education & Profession/ Career: Ninth house is destiny house and Mercury in this house enhances one’s destiny. It bestows one with courage, velour and initiative powers.

Such native attains fame in life. Mercury in ninth house makes one a good orator and preacher, it gives the capability to discourse related to religious subjects, whether you have adequate deep knowledge about the religion or not.

You may be compared with a king in velour, more your valorous activities you will suppress the wicked person. Your enemies will feel insecure by your grace.

Family Life: Mercury positioned in ninth house aspects third house by its seventh aspect. Third house signifies siblings in our life. Hence your relations with your siblings will be sweet. But you may feel jealous by your younger brother as he will be more affectionate and loving to your father.

You will have special corner in your heart for Guru, Brahmins and saints & serve them in your life.

Mercury in ninth house blesses one with modest & decent wife. Your’s in laws family will be very good and you will feel more affinity towards the members from in laws side than your own family: You will be blessed with worthy children in life.

Health: You will be fond of eating and have special craving for sweets. You must have control on your tongue else you will spoil your health by your eating habits. Your health will get affected due to constant mental tension & disturbed mind too.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it gets afflicted and casts inauspiciousness which will cause a troubled life. You will be an atheist and unreliable person. You will see everyone with doubts and suspicions. You won’t be able to complete your education and it may cause hindrance in growth of your business or getting a good job. Family life will get strained, due to conflicts in midst of all these you will lose your mental peace. There will be lose in partnership business, lose of wealth and futile expenses on travels. You may have throat cancer or other serious diseases in life.
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