Mercury In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in second house in D/1 natal chart makes the native physically strong by birth. You will be healthy of whitish complexion & with short hair. You will be lazy and happy go lucky person with sweet voice. You will talk sweetly with a touch of cleverness and is very much capable to get the job done smartly through others. Your communication skills will be very good; you will be an expert to make the small things bigger & spicy. You would like to know the secret of others and feel happy to talk about others.

Ever cheerful and with happy state of mind you are very much capable to joke with others even in adverse circumstances. You behave like a child irrespective of your age and this very quality will make you to know the minutest details of everything. When you laugh you laugh wholeheartedly.

Education & Profession: Mercury in second house gives sweet voice and good intelligence to the native. You will earn money by your smartness. Second house Mercury blesses one with sharp wit. You will use your intellect to get the work done and not shrewdness. You will be knowledgeable. Others will have very high pinion about you and consider you a great scholar and appreciate your knowledge.

Mercury positioned in second house aspects eights house, that indicates that the native will either be interested in collecting antique items or would love archeological things. You will be fond of sculpting and music, you may excel in these fields and that makes you an artist.

You will earn money through writing, and scientific studies, other professions which include are commission agent in money earning business and as a lawyer. You may achieve success in field of astrology & Saturn related works like machines, Machinery spare parts, wood and leather etc.

Family Life: Second house in a chart signifies family Mercury in second house saves the family from any kind of difference of opinions or conflicts among the family members.

You will lead a prosperous life, and enjoy comfortable & luxurious items. Leading a quality life in style will be your motto.

You will enjoy all materialistic pleasures.

You will be fortunate and have good yoga of children. You may be blessed with twins and get success in love.

You will attain wealth from females or from your own wife.

You would like to have relations with other ladies too.

You won’t attain ancestral wealth, if you attain it will be wasted in futile expenses, or in charity etc works.

Health: You are most likely to suffer from stomach related diseases in life. As you are fond of overeating, tonsils, sour throat etc other diseases may also trouble you.

Speech related troubles like stammering, dumbness etc would also trouble you.

Mercury placed in second house if either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets one faces difficulties in speech. There will be obstacles in higher education and business too. Domestic clashes will cause lack of happiness in the family; professional hurdle will give mental tension. In spite of your hard work struggle you won’t be able to manage your finances. Your expenses will be more than the income. Health issues will increase your tension too.

Your sister, aunt, daughter or maternal uncle family may also get affected if Mercury is malefic. Body ache especially in the lower parts of the body from thighs to foot will be faced by the native.
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