Mercury In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in seventh house of D/1 natal chart it aspects your lagna and gives one a tall, thin and attractive physical appearance with golden hair. You will a person of beautiful thoughts, broad minded and work with intelligence.

Mercury in seventh house makes the person unpredictable with inconsistent nature; however you will make others anti in no time due to this nature. Though you will have intelligent mind but may not use your intelligence in right perspective.

However, you can’t attain complete success in your life due to this behavior. Only few percent of your hard work & efforts is being used in right direction, the entire goes waste in fruitless endeavors.

Though Mercury in seventh house blesses one with good physical features, good intellect, wisdom, honesty expert in sexuality and makes one having high regards for women.

Mercury signifies our verbal and communication skill, but, the native who has mercury in seventh house won’t be able to use his speech efficiently , there will be aggression in your behavior, which cause negative effects on others. Generally, you will remain attracted towards the materialistic pleasures in life.

You will also be very fond of travel. Mostly these will be religious travels as you are believer in religion and follower of religion.

Education & Profession/ Career: Mercury in seventh house does not give auspicious results in terms of career and profession. Seventh house signifies one’s business and field of profession. The native faces lots of problem if he does business of any kind related to Mercury like finance, writing, publishing etc or related to other planets too the results are not very encouraging, as one can not achieve the heights of success. If you are in job, there also achieving of high position is almost not possible.

Your success will be limited only in the jobs like compounder clerk in government office, typist etc. If you are in business you can’t be a rich businessman but would be able to fulfill the basic needs of your life.

Professions which suit you well and prove profitable are trading of buying and selling of things and work like a mediator or as brokerages.

Family Life: Mercury in seventh house blesses one with an educated and cultured spouse. In laws side will be ordinary but respectable. Your wife will be extra ordinary beautiful a fawn eyed maiden but you will feel sexually weak & won’t satisfy her sexual desires. A kind of inferiority complex may take place in you. You won’t be able to oppose your wife rather would try to be controlled by her.

Health: Your health generally remains good till the time you get married. You may face seasonal ailments not any serious ones, but once you get married, you are likely to suffer nerve problems and inappropriate circulation of blood in the body.

If Mercury in seventh house is either afflicted by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, it becomes inauspicious. In this case it affects one’s speech. One may face lack of reasoning powers and sweet speech which may cause hindrance in your success. You find it difficult or complete failure to impress others.

Defeat in debates, argument and conflict on your part is likely in this case. Though you have good knowledge in sex and relationships areas of life but lack of energy won’t allow you to enjoy the happy marital life. You will go in depression and pessimist by thoughts, many time you may feel nostalgic to that extent that it’s almost difficult for you to live in the present moments. This may cause hazardous results on your health leading to end of life or strong phobia in mind.

When there is birth of son in the family that time also you may feel inauspicious results cast by Mercury. There will be many unpleasant incidents in the family which could cause lack of family happiness; your life partner’s health will be affected as well.

Instability in life, and profession and career will be felt throughout the life. One may have to switch over many professions to earn and face difficulties in life.
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