Mercury In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If the position of Mercury is in sixth house of D/1 natal chart it indicates that the native will have tall, lean, physic. There will be lack of attraction in the personality but he/she will have sharp & conscious intelligence

Nature: You will be a devotee and social worker by nature. You won’t take much interest in sexual pleasure; there will be lack of investigating powers in you.

You would take more interest in mental work in compare to physical works. Mantra Tantra and meditation etc. practices won’t interest you much. You would be a person of simple living but with weak mind.

Mercury positioned in sixth house makes you aware of your enemies & opponents whom you have to win with your intelligence & wisdom. In other words enemies won’t be able to stand against you rather they will turn friends and may be a source of help in life.

Mercury aspects 12th house positioned in sixth house and that brings over expenses in your life but you will spend money on auspicious deeds.

Education & Profession: Mercury in sixth house makes the person a scholar and capable to earn name & fame in the society. Mercury signifies skills in communication and verbal powers. Here Mercury makes you arrogant & critical person who indulges in criticizing others.

You may get success in machines and other technical works. There will be slow pace of success in your career. If you are in job, there will be few chances only to attain higher position in organization.

You will take special interest in Yoga & Pranayam. Discussion and discourse with saints and learned people well enhance your knowledge.

Family Life: If Mercury is in sixth house it is an indication of material prosperity. Your maternal uncle & maternal grand father will be rich and wealthy person. They will have good reputation in the society. There will be more female progeny in maternal uncle family.

Love and affection from mother’s side will be less and from father’s side the native will not have full happiness either. It will be average. If stay in foreign land or business related to export will be beneficial for you. You may get hurt in love affair very badly or face complete failure in matters of heart.

If you get married with the consent of family members there will be happiness and support from all family members, spouse and members from in laws side.

Note: If you have Mercury in sixth house. Don’t arrange marriage of your daughter towards North direction from your own house as it is considered inauspicious for her marital life.

Health: Health issues related to bone marrow, nerves, paralysis, and difficulty in hand/ fingers movement, pain in arms/ legs, lack of appetite, indigestion like many diseases may trouble you and one may feel lack of intelligence and reasoning powers too.

If Mercury is afflicted due to the conjunction or aspect of malefic planets, one may face obstacles in education and will change many colleges/ schools. One will attain desired results only after struggle. One is prone to get angry without any reason. Afflicted Mercury will prove inauspicious for maternal uncle and mother will suffer physical ailments.

Your mother may die first after your birth and it is quite possible that you may be brought up by your maternal grandfather or at maternal uncle’s home.

Inauspicious mercury may cause mental tension and discords in the family. Defeat in the court cases will be faced.

There may be serious allegations put against you in matters of love. Failure in multiple love affairs will also be faced.

There will be sudden loss/ theft of wealth and harm through the foreign land. Business growth will be hampered as your friends may turn enemies due to harsh words used by you and your critical nature. Downfall due to your high minded & arrogance nature is likely and all this happens due to malefic Mercury in sixth house.
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