Mercury In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: If Mercury is positioned in tenth house of D/1 natal chart it is an indication that the native will have thin appearance with dark or whitish complexion. You will have short hair.

Nature: Velour, courageous, pure heartedness & good conduct will be your virtues. You are knowledgeable and give your hundred percent whatever endeavour you have aimed in life. You will gain popularity due to your sweet nature and great works.

Auspicious Mercury in tenth house blesses one with many friends. Friends will provide their support, your verbal skill is a powerful weapon to get the work done from others, no matter your words are piercing and aim to hurt others but your words work like sweet knife and others won’t even identify your intention.

You will be fond of eating and popular among your friends.

Education & Profession/ Career: Profession of brokerage, professor, journalist, cashier, editor, lawyer, advisor, writer, astrologer, accountant, copy writer, interpreter, engineering etc. work will be beneficial for you.

You will achieve honour, power authority, success, position and minister ship etc designation in life.

Tenth house is our profession house too. Mercury in this house blesses one with remarkable success. Mercury is signification of business, it will be better for you if you choose business as your profession. Well! If you opt for job then you will gain good position & honor in the society as tenth house signifier gains through the government & high officials too.

Change from one profession to other will be good for you. If you talk in modern context, you may gain outstanding success in the dealing of computers, musical instruments, radio, television etc. electronic items. You will be an expert in art of writing poetry and as a sculptor.

Family Life: If Mercury is in tenth house one gets ancestral property which will be very useful for your progress in life. It will also contribute in increasing your materialistic pleasures.

Mercury positioned in tenth house has aspect on fourth house, and it casts auspiciousness for the karakas of fourth house like Mother, house, property, and happiness through your mother, and good residential house. You will make good house with your own efforts.

Fourth house signifies our domestic happiness and mental peace. So aspect of Mercury on fourth house enhances our marital & mental happiness.

Health: Kidney, asthma, burning eyes, hernia, kidney & stomach related diseases may trouble you.

Mercury, if afflicted either by aspect or conjunction with malefic planets it casts inauspiciousness which may cause lack of prestige, and false allegation which will tarnish your reputation. Air and sea travels will prove harm full for you without any profits. Your competitors will follow your footsteps, business tact and virtues and leave you behind in business. If you are in job, you will make your life more difficult as you tend to argue with your boss/ senior which won’t be good for your career growth.

Your marital happiness will get affected. There will be difference of opinions between husband & wife. This marital discord will loose your mental peace and affect your children.

Obstcles in job/career/ business and higher education will be faced in life. There will frequent changes in career which will cause expenses than profits. Your almost accomplished work will get delayed at the last moment. You would like the company of saints & beggars.
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