Mercury In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in third house of D/1 natal chart indicates that the native would be tall & a strongly built up person, with light brown hair on the scalp. The native would be an attractive person, very talkative, Jovial, mischievous and flattering nature who talks sweetly, smartly and with a touch of

Nature: You will be clever and selfish person. You will have many friends. You may be successful on account of your smart intelligence but you won’t be able to use your smartness in front of simple & truthful person. Your friends will leave your company as you will always display shrewdness to them in one way or other.

You will be fraudulent and deceitful person who believe in showing off and spend your money on wasteful expenditure.

You will have abundant courage which will help you to accomplish the most difficult work efficiently.

Education & Career: You will be well educated person. Mathematics, language, grammar, typing, printing, publishing education, tourism, law, photography, astrology, correspondence, computer, coin collector etc. fields will be of your interests you will have knowledge more than one subject.

Mercury in third house makes the native professionally strong, with good communicative skills, who makes friends with good business person and know the tact & secrets of successful business. This skill helps you a lot to earn enormous wealth.

Family Life: Third house signifies one’s level of initiative, courage and brothers. Mercury in third house makes your relation good with your brothers. You will not have any envy or ill feelings for your brothers. Your brothers too will move around you to seek help or shelter like branches around a tree. You will be quite helpful and support them in their bad times. You will give unprecedented support to your father in his life span; you will do business with your father or carry forward your family business and will manage the finances efficiently.

Health: Generally, you will lead a healthy life. But in childhood period you would have suffered a calamity. If you pick up any addiction of intoxication &liquor at the young age it will be very harmful for you.

You may face blood diseases, diabetes, deafness and stomach related problems too.

Mercury if either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, it will get afflicted and casts inauspiciousness. In such case, native will be an example of shrewdness. You will take out your work by making other fool. You will use unfair means to earn money as you want short cut success. Afflicted Mercury in third house makes the person a big showbiz who will be harmed by his own brothers & siblings.

You may get involve in unhealthy love relation who may include your relations with your own sister in law. Such natives spoil their domestic happiness by their own misdeeds and get defame in the society.

If these natives start Saturn related business like, machine, spare parts, wood & iron works, and they will spoil the auspiciousness of Saturn also. In this case, if you work in partnership with in laws side people you will face financial loss to that extent which may make you unable to fulfill your basic needs of day to day life also.

You may be inclined towards the immoral/ illegal deeds and may be dispossessed from holding property.

Your condition would be like a mad dog in the house who does not find stability all through life. Your relatives especially females ones like sister, daughter and aunty also would be affected. Your own son will get diseases related to ears, legs etc.
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