Mercury In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Physical Traits: The position of Mercury in 12th house in D/1 natal chart indicates that the native has strong built up, with adequate height, balanced body and fair complexion.

Nature: You are pure hearted, honest and soft spoken by nature. You will be an expert to change your behavior to other as per the situation. You would like to have complete freedom.

At the same time you tend to get temperamental very fast. You will listen to your inner self and behave accordingly no matter what the situation demands. You will be keen observer; you will evaluate the situation and the root cause, after that only you will take decision and follow it with determination. You will have the capacity to come to the conclusion in any situation. You will be a strict follower of religion, superstitious, traditional and conservative culture & principles. Stubbornness and high ambitions will be other traits of your personality.

Education & Profession/ Career: You will take interest in ancient cultures, archeological surveys and scientific discoveries. You may achieve name & fame in one of these three fields. Astronomy & astrology etc subjects can be included in ancient cultures. Other professions which suit you and could be the source of earning are as medical practitioner, poet and astrologer. Government job will be very successful for you. You may get settled in foreign land as well. You will be self made person and progress in life by your own efforts. You will acquire inborn talent, courage & intelligence.

Family Life: The support from any of your blood relation including your father is negligible in your life. In other words you won’t be a lucky person in this respect when your family or parents support you financially or emotionally.

Family life will be peaceful as your spouse will be co-operative and balanced person. But in matters of love you won’t get success, you may have more than two affairs at a time.

Health: The diseases which you may likely to suffer are fever, earache, mental disorder, nerves, legs, spinal cord and urine related problems etc.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted by malefic planets it gets afflicted and loses its auspiciousness. In that case, you will face financial problems. You may loss great deal of wealth in gambling and speculation as well, and tend to spend lots of amount on materialistic appliances which will leave you with short of money.

You tend to get angry on small matters and sometimes your anger may turn violent and disastrous. You may come to realize your mistakes after a time but that will be too late.

You will not have cordial relations with relatives. In the process you will loose your mental peace & balance.

You will help others in the hour of need, only to show off or with your own self motive, but by heart you won’t like to do so, and feel malicious about the person.

Afflicted Mercury casts inauspiciousness for the father as well. There may be incident of sudden death in the family. It will affect the happiness of female blood relations in your life like daughter, aunt or sister who are married and come to stay at your house.
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