Mercury In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Mercury in 12th house of annual chart indicates your higher status, belief in traditional acumen & enhanced influence. The native will be able to accomplish all works by his sincere efforts and intelligent planning. Wealth, prosperity & extensions in the family will take place. One will get ancestral property. Knowledge in astrology, Para sciences and related subjects will enhance. One will rely on karma theory than destiny. Domestic responsibilities will increase and make the native busy.

If Mercury is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets it will become malefic too and casts inauspicious results. In that case, the native has to face challenges and unfavorable situations in life. There will be loss in business. Unknown tear will disturb the mind; one’s character may be blemished. Sudden injury & disputes will take place. Father will suffer in hands of enemies. Sister will be in trouble. The native will have lack of sleep or become insomniac. He will be in such a miserable state that makes the other’s cry. Constant headache will be experienced by the native.

To ward off the malefic effects of afflicted Mercury sitting in twelfth house, one must perform some remedial & precautionary measures.
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