Moon In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the eighth house- Due to this lagna you may fail to attract others towards yourself inspire of being handsome. Your personality lacks the charisma of attracting others –You may be of medium height and swarthy complexion.

Nature- As the moon is in the eight houses you will be of witty and petulant nature. You will be short tempered and you will not accept bad mouthing towards anything or anyone. You will not tolerate injustice. Moon in the fifth house will make you argumentative and due to this you may pick fights easily. This indicates the ill effects of moon which may result in ill mental conditions. This will also result in your not being at peace and compatibility with others. Many a times you mind may give rise to negative thoughts without reason and this may lead to disharmony in your life and you’re not being able to live life fully, and satisfactorily.

Apart from being called the place of death, the eighth house is also known to cause a person to be secretive about his occult practices. Spirituality is also one of the tendencies. The person is overcome by a strong desire to accomplish difficult tasks easily with the help of black-magic and occult practices. The person may try to appease goddess Mahakali or Bhairav the lord of tantra.

Education and Vocation- Due to moon being in the eighth house, its ill effects will manifest itself in ill health of a person’s mother. The higher a person climbs the ladder of education, the more unwell his mother will get .As much as you would like to study you will but must not be able to enjoy mother’s company at home either because you will need to stay away from her for your studies or she will remain very ill at home.

It would prove favorable for you to study Engineering, Geology, Arms and weapons, military training, Political Science ,leather industry, short writing ,frozen food physical studies ,coal, iron fertilizer etc.

Due to favorable effects of the moon, you will work in such a department where you may easily find surplus income over and above the salary. Your financial prosperity is indicated.

Family Life- Moon in the eighth house bodes ill for your relationship with wife of father’s elder brother. Not only will your aunt not ever contribute to your happiness but she will be the cause of disharmony in your family.

Because of moon in the eighth house ,your mother will suffer greatly at the time of your birth. From the time of your birth till you turn six years old you may remain in bad health.

If you try to help your brothers with your money and wealth they will derive no benefit from it, instead of any benefit your brothers may get only loss because of you. There is a fair chance of your inheriting a dead relative’s wealth.

Your in-laws family will be old and illustrious but shorn of all wealth so you will have little or no monetary help from them. Your wife will be an efficient housewife and you will be blessed with children of your own . Inspire of this you will find yourself feeling unfulfilled and lonely.

Health- Due to the moon in the eighth house you will face frequently, health problems which will not be easily diagnosed by doctors. Among other uncommon diseases, there may be cases of mental illness troubling you.

There may be chances of your psychological illness.Your mental condition may not be healthy. Many a time you may feel so despairing and hopeless that you may contemplate suicide.

Chances of your suffering from pain in some or the other part of your body are very high.Especially pain in the legs or knees.You may suffer from urinary infections etc.

Inauspicious- As it is because of moon in eighth house the effect is not good on your finances, along with this if there are any evil stars in the proximity, the moon’s effects get even worse and you will be in money problems perpetually. You will tend to switch over jobs frequently and friends and relatives may disown you. Feeling quite disheartened you may lose the zest for completing any work… and will remain weak spirited.

Due to inauspicious moon you may be unusually attracted towards sexual activity which may induce you to make sexual moves towards females who are not your partners. This will lead to your doom. There is a good chance of your suffering from memory loss. Apart from this you may suffer from some disease caused by accumulation of water in your reproductive organs. Therefore you have to remain very health cautious from the age of 36 to 41.
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