Moon In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the eleventh house- The moon in the eleventh house of your lagna makes you a handsome person .of normal physique and height, wise and dynamic with a great vision.

Nature- As a result of this your heart will naturally be pure and good. You will be a sober personality and will easily win people’s hearts with your excellent behavior and sweet words. You will be extremely persevering and enduring in life and will be able to win over life’s problems and struggles.

Your motto of life will be- live life to the fullest. Thus you will be fond of travel and excursions. You will enjoy friendship with the best of the gentry in the society who may even help you in the time of need or contribute towards enriching your life.

Moon placed in the eleventh house helps you enjoy the benefits of driving your own vehicle and earning respect in the society.

Your heart will be pure and without malice towards anybody but if you form an unfavorable impression about someone you will not be able to change the opinion.

Education and Vocation- As The moon is favorable , you will be able to earn well, finding new ways and means to earn you will accumulate wealth slowly. Owner of factories, you will possess agricultural land also.

You may be inclined towards writing, astrology,mathematics,political science. Iron, fridge, technical knowledge, fishery etc. You may benefit from some office of the govt. If you join govt. service you will get good promotions.

Due to the moon placed in eleventh house, an individual’s mind and intellect are not put to best use. The individual tends to use bitter words for the sake of gain for self. Such an individual gains recognition at the age of 27 and keeping domesticated or pet animals benefits him.

Family Life- Due to moon in this house your mother and wife will work in synchrony with each other, and will accomplish the task of running your family well for you.

You may also benefit from your elder sister or father’s sister. They will always be around to lend a helping hand in times of need.

You will have a very happy and prosperous family. You are likely to have more daughters than sons. Your offspring especially daughter will prosper greatly in life, earning name and fame for herself in some or the other field of activity.

Moon in the eleventh house earns you great benefit from the females in your life. They will heavily contribute towards your success and prosperity in life by either providing financial assistance or running your business altogether.

Health- You are likely to suffer from cough,phlegm,bronchitis, cancer, asthma,, fever,lack of calcium ,joint pain, paralysis ,hairfall or even leprosy.

Inauspicious- Due to moon being inauspicious you will have undue affinity for old and useless things.You will just not be ready to declutter your house.You will fondly talk of old days or old experiences.You will lack in aesthetic sense . Due to ill-effects of the moon you will easily despair after not being able to accomplish a task.Major part of your life will be lived in your ancestral house by you and would prefer to live in rented house.You may face numerous problems at the time of purchasing your own house.More old people will inhabit your home.The colour of your house tends to be blue or dirty brown.There is lack of tidiness and arrangement in your house.
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