Moon In Eleventh House (Annual Predictions)

Moon in eleventh house is said to be ‘bloody drain’. But the position of Moon in the eleventh house in the yearly chart increases wealth and sources of income. One gets full support of elder siblings and friends. One gets happiness through female child/ progeny. One gets success in politics and benefits in social work. The native does also receive help from females either mother/ sister/ aunt or boss. One gets happiness through vehicle and property.

Moon in eleventh house, if makes association or aspected by malefic planets. It become inauspicious and casts inauspicious results. And in this case, your own kith & kin behave like strangers. There will be difference of opinion with sister. The native may face impotency. There will be hindrance in the income & or losses in the business. Don’t start any new venture/ job or business on Saturday. Buying or constructing of new house is also not advised during that year.
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