Moon In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the fifth house- Moon is the cause of the heart. Happiness or sorrow depends heavily on the moon. Due to moon being in the fifth house the person is less attractive. He is of a weak physic. His complexion is dusky. Sometimes the person is found to be of mediocre height and on other occasions the person tends to be taller than a horse.

Nature- The person is of short-temper, traits of Sun and Jupiter will be found because the fifth house belongs to sun and Jupiter and both are friends of the moon. The person will be witty, forbearing, and intelligent. He would not abstain from giving away alms or do welfare work. If the person progresses on the path of truth then he will be disposed towards treating one and all with justice. He will be a good counselor. Such a person will help others achieve justice singlehandedly, and also help them succeed. Because of moon in the fifth house the person has abundance of forbearance and calmness of mind. Because of proximity to evil stars the person may be found to have a certain mental un-stability. Such a person tries to find witness to his statement. For any good deed performed by such a person he himself does not derive the profit instead it passes on to his off spring.

Education and Vocation- The person will surely acquire higher education. He will acquire higher education in more than two subjects. He will be excellent in studies. He ll tend to put heart and soul into the study of any subject. Goddess Saraswati will shower profuse blessings on such a person.

The person with moon in the fifth house becomes a professional like lawyer, architect, teacher, engineer, doctor etc.

Such a person chooses a profession which does not require him to deviate from the path of truth, he does not have to get involved in corruption and follow the path of truth. This is why such people choose professions like teaching or medicine.

Many a time a person may pick up the vocation of either stationary, books, toys, building materials, drama, films, dance etc. may deal in nursery rearing, perfumes, fabrics etc.

Family Life- A person with moon in the fifth house leads a normal family life. They get full support from parents and siblings. They tend to balance everybody’s wants and needs and expect others to reciprocate.

Love life and marriage- Due to moon in the fifth house the person has a good libido due to which his other powers get destroyed.

The fifth house involves love-affairs. The love affairs of such a person will not last long. All his relationships are in a flux.

The person is able to get married to a very eligible and accomplished bride who supports him in every phase of his life. The person enjoys the benefit of son and daughter both. Mostly it has been noticed that the person enjoys the joys of having a son.

The offspring turns out to be far more superior than the person. Every bit of wealth spent upon the education of offspring yields benefits. Here moon is synonymous with the mother who nourishes with physical and spiritual milk. Such a person loves and adores his family. If he spends according to his resources for rearing his kids and is religious minded there’s a good chance of his growing health and prosperity.

Health- The person enjoys good health by and large and has a long life. But because of the effect of evil stars the person may suffer from diseases related to stomach, Kidney, liver, breathing problems, retentively of water, skin diseases etc.

Ill Effects- if the moon is weak and comes under the influence of evil stars the person may not be able to complete his education or he wont benefit from the subject in which he masters and will be forced to choose something else for a living.

He may not be able to earn respect in his family in spite of a good name. People will use such a person for their own benefit and will not bother for his welfare. The person will tend to have more number of daughters than sons. If he happens to have a son he will not be very illustrious the person may run the risk of being defames by the ill doings of the son. The person’s offspring will be his chief opponent. The person will be unsuccessful in his love relationships and will be charged with infidelity in love relationships.
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