Moon In Fifth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Moon in the fifth house in yearly chart makes the native an affectionate person. One gets success through mental strength. If there is no planet in first house in the yearly chart, in that case one must consume some sweet before starting any auspicious work in order to achieve best results. The education of children will be smooth during that year, There will be a possibility of some auspicious ceremony at home. One’s faith in religion and God shall get enhanced. The native will take interest in music.

In case Moon in fifth house is either conjunct or aspected by the malefic planets, Moon will get afflicted & above mentioned results will also reversed. Afflicted Moon shall cause failure in the business. There may be unexpected loss of money. One might will remain tense for the cause of children. Stomach related diseases might trouble the native, and one’s progeny / children shall not be obedient during that year.

One must take some precautions & follow the remedial measures to cast off the malefic influences of planets and to enhance Moon’s strength.
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