Moon In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the First House- Due to the influence of moon you will be of fair complexion. You are blessed with a unique attraction on your face which will draw people’s trust in you. You will be of short height. You are likely to have small but attractive eyes. You ll have a handsome and attractive personality with broad shoulders and strong muscles.

Nature- You will have a quiet and peaceful nature due to which you will lack the burning desire in your heart to acquire anything quickly. This is the reason why you are never in a hurry to finish any work in your life.

Due to the strong influence of moon you are blessed with the special nature of never criticizing others even when you disapprove of their behavior. But once you get angry you will take long to come back to normal. One decided ,none can alter your decisions. You will follow the path of truth and will show strong dislike for all false things.

You will especially like travel and outing which will cause you to spend more and you may have to face numerous difficulties in life.

Means of education and Employment- You will be an intelligent person. Moon is in your favor and therefore it would beneficial for you to take up studies related to the field of accounts, or banking. Your capable of completing any managerial job well. You will be a highly knowledgeable and due to this you will be able to make a good income. In your social circle also you will be highly regarded by others.

You will be inclined to acquire technical education, management, computer engineering, communications, astrology, etc.

You may even succeed in the job of a salesperson, it has often been observed that those who have moon in their favor are liable to be engaged in work on voyages etc. You will find it relatively easy to accumulate wealth.

Family life- You will enjoy a great family front. Either you mother or father or both the parents will be enjoying government jobs. You mother tends to be a diligent and hard working person, who does not stand even a single word spoken against her. She will exercise a good hold over the family. Your father is a simple but a highly revered personality in the society. He tends to be quite bossey out of home and in office but is happy to be under the dictates of a superior person at home. For siblings you may have one or two brothers only. The chances of having sisters is very bleak. Your thoughts will be in synchrony with your brothers’.

You are liable to have a love marriage rather than an arranged one. Your wife would find it difficult to adjust at her in-laws’ house. Her heart will be inclined more towards her own family rather than her in-laws’ family, nevertheless she will be a strong and educated life partner who will be able to support you either by her salaried job or by giving her full support to you in your side business. It’s advisable that you take no action without your wife’s prior approval. You cannot stay away from you family for long. You will be drawn towards your wife and children by their love. Your wife and mother will be at loggerheads with each other. Due to which you will have to bear some inconvenience. There are chances of your being blessed with a son. But the health of your son may be a cause for concern. You will sit at the helm of a balanced family.

Health- Regarding your health you may have problems related to water. You are prone to illnesses like dehydration, dysentery, running stomach etc. therefore it is advisable for you to take precautions during the period of changing seasons. At an older age you will be prone to illnesses of the mind. Your frequent complaints of health will be of headache, neck-pain, cervical, cough and cold, burning sensation in the eyes.

Omens- If the moon is observed by inimical stars, water will pose threat to your life or you will be greatly fearful of water. Because of weak influence of moon in your life you will be short tempered, and you would not have any fears of the unknown. You will need to travel abroad which will distance you from your family. Your mother’s health will be a cause of worry for you. The prospects of your having children will remain bleak.

Your wife may contact womb related health problems. You’re liable to wed the same lady once. You will be easily fooled and cheated by people
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