Moon In First House (Annual Predictions)

The positions of Moon in the first house of annual / yearly chart is an indication that this year you will be ruled by your emotions, as Moon in first house is as pure as milk. A female will play instrumental role in Shaping your destiny. Mother will remain in good health. Your business will prosper but you will be very sensitive this year. You will get along with a political party. You will get benefit from the business related to cloth or paper in this year.

Moon posited in first house, if conjuncted or aspected by malefic planets it becomes weak. One’s health will be affected. Cold cough etc. problems will be experienced. There may be dispute over woman, wealth/ property. If such native is running 24 years of age and Moon has come in first house of the annual chart, it plays negative for One’s marriage. One will be lazy, inactive and experience delay in all works.

To cast off the negative effects of malefic planets and to enhance the auspiciousness in life some remedial measures & precautions are must which are like these -
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