Moon In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the fourth house- Your moon is in the fourth house due to which you will be blessed with a good physic. You will possess a pleasing and attractive personality. Your face will bear the mark of a mole or a scar.

Nature- You will lack courage and the power to take any decision. You will be able to hear the voice of your conscience very clearly. You will be blessed with divine assistance at the time of need.

Moon distracts you and therefore you will be infatuated by other women. By and large you enjoy peace of the mind.

You will be on very good terms with your friends and relatives which will earn you their considerable support.

You will be a spendthrift also you will equally blessed with as much wealth as you spend. Therefore you should spend as much as possible. If you tend to save against your nature then it will restrict your income.

Education and Vocation- You will be highly intelligent and well versed in all sciences. You may get government aid. You will be inclined towards music and dance. You may derive income from land or real estate and you will rise to the office of responsibility which will also require confidentiality. You may be associated with the office of P.A or Secret Service. You may even get income from agriculture.

You may derive benefits from psychology, navy, home science, fluids, education, water, marine, agriculture, light, vehicles, milk, fruits, pearls, perfumed liquid etc.

You will be interested in the purchase of flowers and fruits. Unless you make full use of your good sense of discretion others will take un due advantage of your simple nature.

Family life- As the moon lies in your fourth house you will have many members in your family. This will entail frequent visits of friends and relatives to your house. There will be dominance of female power in your house. You will name your house after either mother/daughter/wife.

There may be water in close proximity to your dwelling place. You will keep pets at home. You will be obedient to your parents. You will respect others as well as be obedient towards your mentor.

Your wife will be a very efficient house keeper. You will enjoy full support and the fortune of wife and children in due time. But your wife and other members of family may be in disharmony with each other. Due to which you will remain in mental agitation. Your wife may be prone to illness.

Health- You will never contact any serious health problem. You may be trouble by minor health problems. You will tend to consume more water and will have good digestion.

Ill Effects- If moon is weak in the fourth house it causes your elementary education to remain unfinished. You will be a jack of all trades however due to lack of formal degree you will not be able to acquire wealth or a good job. Due to lack of funds you will be unable to do any business.

Due to weak moon you tend to run into others’ problems. You may have to face infamy . Your mother and sister may become enemies. You father may die unexpectedly due to accident or a chronic illness. You may be stung by a serpent or may die by drowning. You will need to take care of your health.
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