Moon In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the ninth house- The moon is in your ninth house which makes you look handsome, strongly built and very capable personality. It because you are a fair complexioned, medium heighted, conservative, sober and high spirited individual.

Nature-The strong position of moon in your lagna makes you a high spirited person who is truthful and religious. You will be inclined towards pilgrimage and will readily take part in all religious activities which will enhance your name and fame. The good influence of moon apart from from making you knowledgeable, also makes you spiritually inclined and capable of deeply reflecting about your life.

Actually ,the moon being in the ninth house helps you to be fortunate, scrupulously religious and virtuous due to which you will be very popular and famous among the multitude of people. Whether you accomplish specialization in anything or not you will succeed in becoming highly spiritual.

Education and Vocation- Your education will be completed well and is likely to be in the field of medical science, philosophy, mathematics and you will gain great expertise in whichever field of study you choose.You will seek knowledge very keenly and have a sharp mind for studies.

You may choose to study Maths, Physical Sciences,Banking,Theology, Law,Vedas, Puranas,Political Science ctc.

Due to moon being in the ninth house you derive half of your mind and body power.You will gain success in leaps and bounds in life and will also enjoy financial prosperity.You will get breakthrough in your life at the age of 24.

Your education will be your benefactor in life- you will prosper in life because of your education and widen the sphere of your activities and even help you become generous like a king.

Family life- You will enjoy an excellent family life. You will raise up wise and well-educated children of your own. Your children will make you very proud in life. Your wife will will be an educated lady who will be very successful if she takes up a job. You will get complete love and support of your sisters and brothers –in law. Your parents-in-law will love you like their own son.

Moon being in the ninth house you will enjoy of the company of your parents for long. Either your mother or father may hold office in a govt. office or department.

If your yearly lagna gets to have the moon in the ninth house, you will get special monetary benefit that year.

Health- If the moon tends to be auspicious for you, you ll remain in good health. Even if you for fall ill, it’ll only be seasonal changes and you ll recover from it quickly. Your health will be well otherwise.

Ill Effects- If the moon is faced by other inauspicious planets, it’s effects will become inauspicious for you due to which your mother’s happiness and health may be affected as well as he eyesight. Pilgrimage maybe detrimental for you at such a time. It ll also be detrimental for the health or even life of the person who accompanies you. It ll also affect your health and may make you prone to burglary.

Inauspicious moon will also affect your wife’s health which will divert your attention from your work.

You may take immoral means to earn money which will have very bad effects on your life.

Due to the ill effect of moon some mental shock may cause your sudden demise. It may evcen affect your sister or your paternal aunt adversely and they may have some work related obstacles in their lives.

Due to the ill effects of moon you may suffer from, skin disease, diabetes, ulcers, obesity, joint pain, elephantitis, lashes, allergies, blood related ailments etc.
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