Moon In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the second house- For you the moon is in the second house due to which your complexion will be fair. You eyes will be beautiful and attractive, you will tend to be of medium height and will draw people’s hearts towards yourself.

Nature- Due to the good effects of moon will be a religious and pious person. Your born into a very knowledgeable family. You will be interested in faith and religion. Your as well as your family’s economic conditions will be good.

The second house which belongs to the moon gives you the gift of becoming soft spoken. You will win all battles in life, there are less chances of struggles occurring in your life. You will be well endowed with soft skills.

You will have an ever changing mood. You will tend to remember fondly your childhood and all the memories of your past. You will view things from your heart rather than from your mind, compare to others your subconscious mind is far more capable of thinking intelligently.

Means of education and employment- Due to strong position of moon in the second house your initial education will be very good. You will have a keen intelligence.

With the means of your keen intellect you will be able to earn a lot of wealth and would never get into financial constraints.

The good placement of moon is like a boon for you. It is auspicious especially for lawyers, if you’re a practicing lawyer with your superb soft skills and convincing power you will be able to convince the judge or the jury to take the decision in the favour of your party.

If you are in a salaried job, then you stand a good job of acquiring a position in the government office. The position of the moon makes a good forecast for doctors also. Any job related to medicine will be beneficial for you and can even earn you a government recognition.

Family life- You will be blessed with a cultured family and you may need to shoulder some extra responsibilities to support your family. As the moon is auspicious you will be able to reach out and help your family members i.e mother, father, brothers, sisters etc.

Moon in the second house gives the benefit of profiting with the help of females or ladies placed highly in the society.

You will be well bred and cultured throughout your childhood. You will inherit your parent’s wealth and property, also you will enjoy their company for long in your life.

If you get into a love affair it will be fortunate for you and will bring no showdown. You ll enjoy a very harmonious domestic life. Your in-laws will be quite well off. Full moon being in the second house you will enjoy the benefits of having a son, wealth and prosperity along with a happy family life.

Health- You may suffer from tonsillitis or cough and cold. You are prone to arthritis, join t pain etc. For once you will lose good sense and may lose direction.

Omens- The negative effect of moon in your life may cause destruction in your life due to extra marital affairs. Problems may creep into your life due to this. Inauspicious moon may even cause harm to your wife’s health. Another of the ill effects maybe shortening of your father’s lifespan, or adversely affecting his economic condition. You will be compelled to carry out you family duties.

Due to ill effects of inauspicious moon, if your sister-in-law happens to live in your house, something untoward may happen. You are liable to quarrel with female relatives even.
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