Moon In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Moon in the seventh house- Due to moon in the seventh house you will be blessed with tall height and well built physique. You will possess a mixed complexion. In proportion to your size of the body you have small hands. You will have a mark of a scar in the upper part of your hand or lower part of your shoulder.

Nature- You will be of a quiet nature. You smile bears a specialty. Your magnetic smile is capable of mesmerizing people. You will earn a lot of respect and obeisance from other people very easily.

Under no circumstances will you cheat anyone or be unscrupulous. You don’t believe in a live based on pomp and show.

Your life will be full of ups- and downs. One minute you will be at the helm of affairs and the next you may find yourself at the bottom of an abyss. In other words fortune and misfortune will befall you unannounced. In spite of this your nature will remain calm. You ll find solace at the feet of god and will have full faith in the justice of almighty and you may decide to segregate yourself from this painful situation.

You will never falter from expressing your views freely. Due to this you may have to face the displeasure or animosity of family. You can lead a happy life by changing your attitude.

Education and Vocation- Due to your moon in the seventh house your interest may lie in basketball, music, black magic. You will possess a good knowledge of shares, and rise and fall of share market, sensex etc. You will reap benefits of doing business in a partnership.

You ll possess a very sharp mind and intellect. With a good hold over math. You are capable of stering your life skillfully and efficiently with the help of economics, all kinds of fine arts, dance, Vedas, mantras, edible things, automobiles, engineering, fragrance, fluids, painting, drawing, video, shooting, stitching, mobile related occupations.

Due to moon in the seveth house you may resort to more than one kinds of jobs. You occupation may need you to travel a lot.

Dealing in articles grown in water will be inauspicious for you. If the moon becomes very auspicious its effect will make you a successful poet or astrologer.

Family Life- Prospects of marriage will be seen at the age of 24 or after your late 33. Your wife will be well educated and working. You will also enjoy the benefits of having a vehicle with the help of your in- laws.

Marriage will bring you good fortune and success. Your in-laws would be wealthy and prosperous and will give you your due respect and support.

Overall your married life will be satisfactory and happy, although you may have minor rifts in your family.

You will receive full support from your parents, although your mother’s health will be a cause of worry for you.

Health- You may suffer from whooping cough, cold, or nasal congestion .or even have urinary infections. In case of the moon being under the ill-effects of evil stars a person may suffer from stone formation in kidney etc,erectile dysfunction or skin diseases.

Inauspicious- Due to ill-effects of moon in your life you may incur a loss in business or may keep switching from one business to another rather than settle in one.You may be betrayed by your business partner.

Marriage is on rocks (very unstable) .The effects of weak position of moon in your lagna house causes marriare to be delayed or even broken. You may not be able to enjoy the luxury of travelling in your vehicle due to ill –effects of moon… in some cases inspite of having a vehicle of your own you may end up struggling and walking on streets as if you were without a vehicle .
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